significant projects

Throughout our careers, we have participated in many relevant national and international projects relating to insulation and lagging industry. In all, the outstanding note is the wide range of satisfied customers with the result of our work. This has helped us and driven in the continuous improvement of our profession.

Throughout our background we have worked with major companies such as:

  • Bilfinger & Berger Spain (B.I.S)
  • Inabensa
  • Maessa
  • Tesmar isolation
  • Etc.

Instaladores RME has provided a high percentage of the assembled parts in large solar power plants, refineries and combined cycles, built in recent years .

  • ANDASOL Solar Energy Plant
  • EXTRESOL Solar Energy Plant
  • La Risca Solar Energy Plant
  • MAJADAS Solar Energy Plant
  • EUREKA5 Solar Energy Plant
  • SOLNOVA Solar Energy Plant
  • Repsol Refinery in Arteixo
  • La Rábida Refinery
  • Etc.

Below is a listing of our most significant projects.


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